Thursday, June 11, 2009

Invitations are IN THE MAIL!!!!

Yay!!!! It is such a relief to have all our invitations completed and in the mail. I thank my mom so much for agreeing to hand write all the names and addresses. It took us a full day, but it is so worth it! Tim was such a trooper, we spent so much time in front of the TV putting the invitations together, putting on stamps, and licking envelopes. Yuck! Licking the envelopes was the worst part, but I forgot my envelope moistener at work and I really wanted them done!

We sent out a total of 157 envelopes, invited a total of 417 people, and are expecting around 250 people to attend. Because Tim is from Minnesota, a lot of his family and friends are invited but unable to attend.

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The Brunner Bunch said...

We got ours! Yes, your mom did a great job handwriting the addresses- they looked very nice ;)