Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding Update... FINALLY!

So I finally had a chance to spend some time working on wedding stuff. So here are the most recent updates:

1. The bridemaid dresses are ordered and should arrive mid July! I had a difficult time deciding on the color combination but here it is... (Hope you like it)

2. My dress is ordered and is scheduled to arrive sometime in May. I was excited to find this out because it gives me more time to get in shape in case it is a little snug. Yay I love my dress!

3. Jessica, my mom, and I went up to the location of the wedding and spent time figuring out the layout of everything. I am really happy it is all working out. Going up there to visit reminded me of how beautiful it is going to be.

4. We went into Action Rental and chose colors for tablecloths and napkins. I am doing white tablecloths with plum napkins. It is going to be beautiful. While I was there I also made sure everything I could possibly need is reserved! (This felt amazing)

5. My mom and I headed into Michael's and bought some stuff to start experimenting with centerpieces. I was nervous at first, but I think they are going to be GORGEOUS!

6. Everyone keeps asking me what the theme of our wedding is... so here is what I came up with. GRANNY SMITH APPLES & FLEUR DE LIS (What do you think... wierd huh?) Well it is going to be beautiful. Here is a picture of the fleur de lis symbol in case you are confused:

That's all I can come up with for now, but I will post more wedding stuff soon!

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